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“Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.”- The United Nations



Who We Are and What We Do


We are a digital platform trying to promote Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.

We help unite the world to fight against harmful social and cultural customs like dowry, child marriage, female infanticides, female genital mutilation, rape and sexual Violence against women etc.

We empower women by giving them a voice, providing them tools, techniques and resources to become independent as well as by providing them a safe space to share their concerns.

We encourage and engage men and boys to participate in the movements of gender equality and women empowerment.



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Around The world, Women Empowerment, Gender Equality,
Domestic violence against women

It’s a space to promote awareness and about gender equality, gender discrimination, and violence against women – issues which violate the rights of women and girls around the world. We share social, cultural and legal issues affecting women in different culture across the Globe.

Around the world, women empowerment, gender equality


Share Your Story, Your Story, Gender Equality, women empowerment
Share you story, Story Telling, Gender Equality, women empowerment

It’s a platform for millions of women from all over the world, to have their voice heard by sharing their stories and concerns – maybe for the first time ever.​

Share your Story, Story Telling, Gender Equality, Women Empowerment
Discover your true self, self empowerment, women empowerment, gender equality

A collection of resources, guidelines, tips and techniques for the personal and professional development of women. We help women to grow, learn, heal and thrive. We guide you to discover your true self amidst external chaos and obstacles.

Discover your true self, women empowerment, stop judging


Men Helping Women, You Too, Women empowerment, Gender Equality, rights of equality
You Too, Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Men Fighting For women

An attempt to encourage and educate men and boys to work in collaboration with women to create a gender equal world as well as to influence others by sharing their stories.

You Too, gender discrimination, Gender Equality, rights of equality

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