I am an undergraduate student in cardiac psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. My family is from Afghanistan whilst I was born in Afghanistan and raised in the UK. I am extremely passionate about women's rights and feminism and I write about feminism on my blog page: Your Rights Blog (yourrightsblog.com). My passion for feminism and in particular working towards a gender-equal society for both men and women roots in my experience of growing up in different cultures. I saw that it’s not just my culture, where equality for men and women is denied but it’s a recurring issue almost everywhere in the world, in different forms. I hope, through my writing, I can educate others and myself to establish a more gender-equal society across the world for both men and women.

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    Women and Pregnancy

    A woman becoming pregnant and going through 9 months of pregnancy is one physically and emotionally draining experience. However, after speaking to women who have given birth it is now more clear that many women suffer far more after giving birth. Whilst, during pregnancy a woman takes responsibility for herself and the child growing in her…