Male Engagement (You Too)

We think men and boys have very important roles in creating a gender-equal world. It SHOULD NOT ONLY be the women’s fight for their own freedom and rights.  The world should be united to fight against harmful social and cultural customs like dowry, child marriage, violence against women, FGM etc.  
"You Too" is a space to engage men and boys as allies in creating a gender-equal world. We encourage and engage men and boys to participate in the conversation, be an ally, and show that you care.
Male engagement, You Too

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    Male Engagement (You Too),  Share Your Story

    Fighting Against Sex Crimes

    Not long ago, I joined this organization Rape Trauma Services (RTS), a non-profit whose goal is to support those who face sexual abuse and trauma. Through the training RTS provided me, and through the support, I’ve given to the survivors, I have been able to see the immense value of being a male, fighting against sex crimes. For those with…

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    Male Engagement (You Too)

    Mind The Gender Gap!

    When it comes to gender inequality, a lot of people don’t even accept the existence of a huge ‘gender gap’ in society. They perceive all gender discrimination and inequalities as social and cultural norms and feel it is ideal to adhere to these traditions. They also fail to acknowledge that there is systematic gender discrimination almost…

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    Male Engagement (You Too)

    You Too..

    “It’s time for men to understand that when women are destroyed, it’s not a women’s question, it’s a human question. And if it’s a human question, men really need to be a part of this fight.”- Dr. Denis Mukuwege Systematic gender discrimination, sexual and domestic abuse against women, female infanticides, or dowry murder are not only…

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    Male Engagement (You Too)

    A Step by Step Guide for Men to Promote Gender Equality

      Engaging Men as Allies Complete elimination of systematic gender discrimination needs the active involvement of people of all genders. Violence against women, child marriage, dowry, FGM, and systemic inequality in education, politics, economics, and science negatively impact the entire society. Sadly, the majority of women’s rights and gender equality activists worldwide are women. There are…