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How to have a feminist Christmas

In preparation for today’s blog “How to have a feminist Christmas”, I went ahead and analyzed two popular sources. I inform you one, to give credit where credit is due; and two, because there are two very enriching items that I encourage all to engage with: Chimamanda Adichie TEDx Euston

These two amazing feminists both draw advocacy towards women’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes. What better time than the Christmas season to bring feminism up. Yup! We so need a reminder on How to have a feminist Christmas.

First off, let’s start off by defining two controversial words that have brought both sorrow and bliss Feminist and Christmas.


As many would agree, a feminist is one who decides to kickass regardless of what family, friends, or even society has to say in regards to gender rules. That day we as individuals, choose to follow what we’re truly meant to do as we overcome the many rules that are in place.

And by Google’s definition, a well-trusted source… yeah I know you agree…

Christmas: “The annual Christian festival celebrating the birth of Christ” Yes! That’s Right! That day near the end of the year that you actually show up in church, only hoping to arrive back at home blessed with gifts. (Now, ain’t that the truth!)

On a more serious note We still get to have male heroes. Some believe that women who claim the word feminist are unhappy because this means that they are without love. This means that they are limited to broken marriages, no children, and are simply money hungry. Very far from the truth. Connected to several feminists, I have gathered the sense that there are increased opportunities because we are not bound by gender norms. The expectations of what a woman or man is supposed to do. Rather as a feminist, Chimamanda states, “I still wear high heels but for myself, not for men”. That women begin to gain voices in all levels of society because we are not limited to “Hormones, sexual organs, biological abilities”. We begin to move forward in life because of tenacity and skill rather than sex. We begin to also teach our men that it is okay to be vulnerable, and it is okay to take on softer qualities: domestic tasks such as cleaning and cooking, etc. etc.

I write this because I too recognize the importance of walking our truths and not being limited to societal expectations. In means of self actualization (truly living your passions) we need to continue to hold discussions regarding the ugly stuff. What happens both in and out of the home. To recognize that Christmas is far greater than someone’s created story on a white baby boy who was born.


I encourage you to not allow the birth of Christ remove your magical vibe… dream bigger. Know that your God, your rocking spirit, your BIG Creator, holds much more than the narration of man. Know that this Christmas is a Christmas of prosperity. One that births your purpose. The reason you continue to lead your best life.

From the words of Jen Sincero, “listen to your intuition” because You Are A Badass!

With thanks to Chimamanda Adichie TEDx Euston



Swagata Sen

A Clinical Researcher by profession, I am originally from India; now live in California with my family. I am an advocate of gender equality and women empowerment. I am also a Certified Reiki Healer and a Certified Sexual Assault Counselor and Advocate. I write about women's rights, equality and gender based issues to create awareness and to include every body in my fight against gender discrimination.

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