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Rights of Equality is a digital advocacy and activism platform to promote gender equality and women empowerment globally. Our mission is to use digital media to educate, engage and empower the communities to fight against harmful socio-cultural and systemic issues which oppress women and girls.

Our Story

Rights of Equality was started in 2018 by Swagata Sen as a personal blog with a mission to educate and promote awareness about systemic gender discrimination, gender based violence and harmful socio-cultural norms which affect women. Since then, Rights of Equality has gradually evolved into a digital advocacy and activism platform fighting for women’s rights and equality. From a gender equality blog, Rights of Equality has grown to become a network of like-minded individuals worldwide who believe that women’s rights are human rights, and that women all over the world must have equal rights and access to opportunities.

Gender Equality and women empowerment
Swagata Sen, Founder of Rights of Equality

Why Gender Equality?

Growing up in an Indian middle class family, Swagata felt her life experience was predominantly defined by her gender. No matter what she did or achieved, her primary identity was that she was a female. In her own words, ‘even the most educated and enlightened individuals around me did not believe that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. I felt limited, restricted, discriminated against because I was a woman’ 

As a young girl, Swagata noticed people around her would often justify the systemic discrimination between men and women as a part of the culture or tradition. She identified one of the major barriers to achieving gender equality was lack of awareness and decided to dismantle this systemic barrier through education and awareness. Her journey as a women’s rights activist has been full of obstacles, often with slow or minimal progress. But giving up was not an option as she was committed to creating a more sustainable world for the future generation. You can find more about her professional journey on LinkedIn.

What Do We Do?


Our primary goal is to promote awareness and educate people about how divisive all the societies are when it comes to gender. We believe that the first step to any major social transformation is education and awareness. With education comes the courage and power to think, ask and question the status quo.

We publish well-researched articles and posts on harmful social practices like FGM, child marriage, dowry and domestic violence which existed in societies for centuries. We write about different social, cultural, economic, legal, political, healthcare and domestic issues which are discriminatory to women. We want to equip everyone with the wisdom to challenge the social issues and norms that oppress women, that have been ongoing for generations without being questioned.


We empower women and girls by providing them resources and guidance to break the barriers of gender inequality. We amplify their voices by providing them a safe space to share their stories of fighting oppression and discrimination, and a platform to connect with the activists who have been doing groundbreaking work in gender equality and women empowerment. We believe, the more you read, talk, share, ask questions, join conversations and connect with people who inspire you, the more you get the power and courage to bring changes.


We engage both women and men in taking action in fighting gender discrimination. We equip and encourage you in participating in our social-media action campaigns (#EqualityCampaign) as an advocate of gender equality using our resources and guidance. We encourage you to identify yourself as an #EqualityAdvocate on social media, in your communities or workplaces. You can participate in #EqualityCampaigns, or can just participate any relevant conversation on social media using #RightsofEquality. We also give you the opportunity to bring your voice or concern directly to our platform as a contributing author.

We offer volunteering opportunities in different roles which would hone your skills and knowledge of digital activism,  and gender equality. We teach you to amplify your voice and impact for social transformation.

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