A clinical researcher by profession, I am an advocate of gender equality and women’s empowerment. I have created this platform to dismantle institutionalized gender discrimination and harmful social practices through systemic changes. Over the last few years, our contributors from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds were able to voice their concerns about a range of issues that are oppressive to women across the world. We are hopeful that our efforts will help promote awareness and contribute to changing mindsets and shifting cultures about gender roles and norms.


  • sjd68

    Each time I read one of your posts it infuriates me how poorly women are treated outside of the US where I live. It is no wlonder male children are preferred but perhaps they need to give women a chance to contribute. Gender discrimination is just terrible.

    • Snehal

      I know how you feel… it infuriates me to as I live India and I see this in front my eyes. We are still trying to change… I hope the gender inequality solves in India some day hopefully. 🙂

  • Luna S

    This article was well written and it really offers a new insight into the subject, thank you for writing it.

  • Ashley | One Journey Away

    I was born and raised in Canada but am of Chinese descent, so I have heard of the preference for boys. The silly/stupid thing about that is that in order for a son to carry on the family lineage, there needs to be a female too!

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