• sjd68

    Each time I read one of your posts it infuriates me how poorly women are treated outside of the US where I live. It is no wlonder male children are preferred but perhaps they need to give women a chance to contribute. Gender discrimination is just terrible.

    • Snehal

      I know how you feel… it infuriates me to as I live India and I see this in front my eyes. We are still trying to change… I hope the gender inequality solves in India some day hopefully. 🙂

  • Luna S

    This article was well written and it really offers a new insight into the subject, thank you for writing it.

  • Ashley | One Journey Away

    I was born and raised in Canada but am of Chinese descent, so I have heard of the preference for boys. The silly/stupid thing about that is that in order for a son to carry on the family lineage, there needs to be a female too!

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