Actionable Recommendations

 Regardless of our gender, we must try to be part of the solution to dismantle patriarchal norms. Here are a few actionable recommendations for both women and men, which can be implemented in your own life and surroundings to create a society which is  more equal and sustainable.

Patriarchy affects women disproportionately. However, you can use your individual resources and privileges to fight against discrimination.

Men usually have more socio-economic power and privileges. You can use your privileges to support gender equality.

Speak out against social injustice and discrimination against women.

Instead of blindly following social norms, challenge traditions or practices which are oppressive to women and portrays women as inferior and less capable. Educate and create awareness about the harmful affects of blindly following social norms.


Support and encourage other women and girls in fighting against systemic oppression and discrimination against women

Mentor and educate girls and young women from marginalized and less privileged background.

Treat and raise boys and girls equally without endorsing gender stereotypes in young boys and girls. 

Share the domestic and care work at home.

Worldwide women carry a huge burden of domestic work and childcare, which negatively affect their professional growth, economic empowerment, and mental health. Many women need to stay away from the workforce for raising children. Women feel more empowered and less oppressed when men share the responsibilities of raising children and domestic work.

Support and encourage other men to fighting against systemic oppression and discrimination against women

Help to build a neighborhood and community for women and girls where they feel safe and secured any time of the day.

Treat and raise boys and girls equally without endorsing gender stereotypes in young boys and girls.

If you have taken any steps or actions in your personal life or in the community to defy social norms, promote gender equality, or reduce gender-based discrimination, we would like to hear from you. Please click here to contact us

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