Equality Change Makers 2020 E-Book

In July 2020, we started a series ‘Equality Change Makers’ in which we interviewed leaders from all around the world doing groundbreaking work to empower and uplift women and girls and to promote gender equality. 

 After six months, when we looked back at all the deeply insightful conversations and exchanges, something very beautiful came alive in front of us. We realized that while all of these seventeen stories are so diverse and delve into so many different topics revolving around gender equality, there is one thing common in all of them. They all tell us stories of hope. Stories of rising amidst challenges and barriers. Stories of compassion, love, and empathy.  And as 2020 — a year full of setbacks and turmoil— comes to an end, these are the types of stories that people need to hear to build a more sustainable future.

We decided to compile all these stories and present them in the form of an e-book which will reflect the collective struggle, wisdom, vulnerability, anger, hope and courage that we have captured for the last six months. That’s how “Equality Change Makers 2020” was conceived.