Social Media Action Campaigns/ Equality Campaigns


As a digital advocacy and activism platform, we design specific social media action campaigns (#EqualityCampaigns) and hashtags to reach millions of people in a short span of time. We believe, the more you read, talk, share, ask questions, join conversations and connect with people, the more you get the inspiration and courage to bring changes. Our social media campaigns are designed to bring changes, and to promote awareness on specific socio-cultural issues which affect women disproportionately. We encourage you to identify yourself as an #EqualityAdvocates on social media, in your communities or workplaces and participate in our campaigns to be a change-maker.  


In order to optimize the outreach and impact of these campaigns we have created a repository of customized texts, images and hashtags tailored to different issues related to gender discrimination and systemic oppression against women. Our target is to reach out to as many numbers of people as possible through these campaigns. 


 If you are a women’s rights and equality activist, and would like to participate in our social media campaigns, please write us an email to mentioning your name, location and the social media account links you’ll be using for participating in #EqualityCampaigns. After reviewing your social profiles we will share our guidelines and campaign materials with you. 

Please mention ‘Interested in participating in social media action campaigns’ in the subject line of your email. 

 Please visit this page if you would like to volunteer with us as  a ‘Social Media Campaign Advocate’.

Sample Campaign Posters 

Click here to join the #BodyConfidencCampaign