5 Ways You Can Support Women
Empowering Women,  Male Engagement (You Too)

5 Ways You Can Support Women


We all have opportunities each day to empower the women in our lives. But, when you want your reach to extend beyond those that you already know, it’s time to get out into your community. Inequality exists, and not just in the workplace. Here are five ways that women and men alike can help level the playing field for women.




Mentor Young Professionals

Young women, and especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, tend to stay in whatever cycle they are in, whether it be poverty, underage pregnancy, or domestic violence. Rights Of Equality explains that women can serve as mentors to young girls and young women to show them that their life doesn’t have to follow any pattern they don’t set out for themselves. To get involved here, you might contact your local high school or college or look for groups online that work toward empowering women to do more and be more than the patriarchy expects.




Enhance Healthcare Access In Your Community

Lower-income women report being in poor health at a much higher percentage than women with middle and high incomes. This is due, in part, to exorbitant healthcare costs, but access to reliable healthcare providers is also a problem in many parts of the country. One thing you can do is to turn your compassion and passion into a career providing healthcare for women in your community. You might, for example, go to school to work as a nurse. You can do so without sacrificing your current job or family time by looking at accredited schools online, which are often competitively priced and allow you to work at your own pace.




Advocate For Equal Pay

While women often simply choose lower paying jobs than their husbands, brothers, and fathers, those that choose similar careers are still often paid much less than their male counterparts. As a business leader or equality advocate, you can help to reduce the gender pay gap in a few different ways. One, if you are a business owner, is to be transparent about your salaries. You can also commit to equal pay for equal experience and performance regardless of gender.




Volunteer At Women’s Shelters

Women continue to be victims of domestic violence nearly twice as often as men. Social Solutions explains that there are more than 20,000 calls to domestic violence hotlines each day and that 20 people every minute are physically abused by a partner. That’s in the United States alone. Worldwide, more than a quarter of child-bearing-aged women have been sexually or physically abused by a partner who is supposed to love and protect them. These statistics, coupled with unequal pay between the genders, make it easy to understand why women’s shelters across the country remain full. Spend your time helping these women feel safe in their space, get jobs for child care, or find housing of their own. By doing so, you empower them to take control of themselves and break the pattern of returning to an unhealthy environment.




Back Organizations That Lift Women Up

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can demonstrate actions every day that will help your children grow up to eliminate gender discrimination. However, you can also back businesses and organizations within your community that has an even broader impact. Look for women-owned businesses or volunteer opportunities with charitable organizations that promote the cause. You can also help your children join or start groups at their schools that set the expectation of equality early on. When girls are taught that they deserve and are entitled to equal treatment, they become women that accept nothing less.



There are many ways to promote feminism and equality within your own home and community. The five listed above are just a few. Everything you do each day can showcase social responsibility and help make the world a more level playing field for your daughters and granddaughters.



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  • Daniel Sherwin

    Daniel Sherwin, founder of DadSolo, is a single dad to his daughter and son. His hope is for his daughter to grow up in a world that supports gender equality and women empowerment, and he is thankful for the work of Rights of Equality. He’s honored to contribute this article to help support our cause.

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