Sad Smiles: A Poem For Fellow Sisters

Sad Smiles: A Poem Dedicated to The Fellow Sisters

Oh! how beautiful is that toothless grin, how adorable is that hearty giggle!

Oh! how nice is it to have them open their eyes and look at you with smiling eyes!

Oh! how nice is the sound of being called Mom, Mama, Maa.

How nice it is to say ‘Mini-Me’.



How I look at the beautiful pictures on your status, story thread and profile picture.

How I long to bear the pain of labour.

How I wish to sleep at 3 am with her/his cry keeping me awake.

How I wish to have them sleep on my legs and caress their tiny fingers and toes



How tired I am of the questions

The, when are you getting pregnant?

The, is it not time for you to focus on your family?

The, if you don’t give him a child, someone else will.



How my silent scream wails out every night

How my pillows are drenched with still groans 

How my wallet is tired of spending on negative tests



It’s ok, we are going to be okay. We are ok.

It will be my turn someday

It will be your turn someday

We are going to go through it.

God will remember us one day and oh how happy will you be

For now, smile, stay strong and wait for it “Mama”


Written to you who has spent hours in thoughts, dreams and still hopes.

Tadiwanashe Burukai-Matutu


  • Tadiwanashe Burukai-Matutu

    I am extremely passionate about girls and women's rights issues. My interests lie primarily in sexual reproductive health and rights, HIV and AIDS and minority groups. I am a freelance writer for KhulumAfrika and Nango. I am currently pursuing my second Master's Degree, Master of Science in International Public Health with Liverpool John Moores University. I hold a Masters Degree in Development Studies from GREAT Zimbabwe University, a Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree in Politics and Public Management from Midlands State University, and a Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation from John Hopkins School of Public Health. I am the Founder and Executive director of Womandla Foundation, a Women-led and serving organization in Zvishavane, Zimbabwe. I have worked with different organizations and have led various leadership posts including working with Young Peoples Network, Saywhat Organisation, National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe. I am a part of the SheDecides Global movement as the Zimbabwean curator. I am an alumna of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, a part of the Women’s Networking Zone, a global network of feminist leaders, one of the Facilitators of Young Feminist Hub and the Zimbabwean ambassador of I Love Black people. I have written numerous articles for various publishing houses and participated in international summits and forums as a participant, moderator and made various presentations. I tackle the harmful social norms that are the root cause of violence against girls and women.

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